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Professional Filter Test Results

Posted by John Baranowski on

Initial test Results on the Jomar “Professional Filter” for FORD and MOPAR Engines:

This test was performed at an independent facility using a Peterson dry-sump style pump and Mobil-1 10w-30w oil. The pump was run at 3400 RPM shaft speed (6800 RPM Engine speed). The filters were mounted on a Peterson single filter adaptor with #12 lines plumbed in and out. The oil flow rate was approximately 8.5 GPM. Twelve other National Brand oil filters (all with internal pressure relief bypass valves) were also tested. These internal bypass valves open up when the resistance to flow across the filter element exceeds the opening pressure of the relief valves.

In most cases the pressure differential necessary to open the valve(s) is about 8 PSI. The pressure drop of these 12 National Brand oil filters averaged 14.83 PSI, with a high reading of a 24 PSI drop across the filter to a low reading of an 8 PSI drop. This means that MOST of the oil pumped into these other fillers never passes through the filter element but instead “short circuits” through the bypass valve and back into the engine UNFILTERED.

The Jomar “Professional Filter" without an internal bypass valve had a pressure drop of ONLY 8 PSI while filtering 100% of the oil! The choice for an engine builder or racer of Ford or Mopar engines is simple. Filter SOME of the engine oil while MOST of it goes back into the engine unfiltered, or filter ALL of the oil with a Jomar “Professional Filter".

The Jomar “Professional Filter" has a heavy duty case with a volume of 55.6 cu. In. it has a large 450 sq. in. of 20 micron filter element and 5 full mounting threads. It weighs a hefty 1.4 lbs and has an anti drain back flapper plus an internal standpipe which helps to equalize the flow through the filter element.

To Conclude, these are no compromise,  No-Bypass spin-on filters for Ford and Mopar high performance engines.

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