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Welcome to Jomar Performance Products! Here you can find high performance racing components for the serious racing enthusiast.

We would like to introduce to you one of our latest additions of High Performance Auto Parts; The Professional Oil Filter Hi-Flow Oil Filtration System for Competition and Off-Road Use. Our new filter is a 100% NO BYPASS Oil Filter which helps protect your engine from debris resulting from component failure!

Check out our latest innovation in Phenolic Carburetor spacers; The Jomar Power ConeTM. This advanced phenolic laminate transfers approximately ten times less heat to the carburetor resulting in cooler denser fuel/air mixtures. The Jomar Power ConeTM is Dyno-proven with over 40hp gain on a 383 CID SBC! (15hp better than a 1 open spacer).

Also anouncing Jomar's new
FE Rocker Shaft GirdleTM for all you Ford FE Engine enthusiasts. The JOMAR FE ROCKER SHAFT GIRDLETM will fit Ford FE cylinder heads, stock through CobraJet, and Edelbrock aftermarket "FE" heads.

High Performance CNC-Machined Components
for the serious competitor.

Jomar Professional Filter Hi-Flow Oil Filters

Jomar Powercone Carburetor Spacers

At Jomar Performance we also specialize in manufacturing:

  • Pro-Model and Ultra-Lite stud girdle bars for virtually ever popular high performance cylinder head currently produced
  • Top quality phenolic carburetor spacers, carburetor adapters, and fuel pump insulators
  • Big block Chevy tall-deck intake manifold spacers in phenolic or billet aluminum
  • 10"and 14" Professional cam degree wheels which are black anodized and degree'd on both sides.
  • Steel crank hub adapter and razorblade ultra accurate cam degree wheel pointer kit.
  • #4 through #20 CNC machined hard anodized aluminum "AN" fitting wrenches.
    All Products Manufactured with pride in the USA!
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