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Welcome to Jomar Performance Products!

Welcome to Jomar Performance Products!

Here you can find high performance racing components for the serious racing enthusiast.

Check out a few of our latest innovations:

  • The Professional Oil Filter: Hi-Flow Oil Filtration System for Competition and Off-Road Use. Our new filter is a 100% NO BYPASS oil filter which helps protect your engine from debris resulting from component failure!

  • The Jomar Power Cone™: This advanced phenolic laminate transfers approximately ten times less heat to the carburetor resulting in cooler, denser fuel/air mixtures. The Jomar Power Coneis Dyno-proven with average gains of 15 to 20 HP!  More HP than an open spacer, and more power "under the curve" than a four-hole!

  • Recent tests show that phenolic spacers can  reduce carburetor temperature by 100 degrees compared to the intake manifold!  Even our 1/4" thick spacers can be the solution for your "hot weather, bad gas" muscle car stalling problems!

We also specialize in manufacturing:

  • Pro-Model and Ultra-Lite stud girdle bars for virtually every popular high performance cylinder head currently in production.

  • Top quality phenolic carburetor spacers, carburetor adapters, and fuel pump insulators.

  • Big block Chevy tall-deck intake manifold spacers, in phenolic or billet aluminum.

  • 10” and 14” professional cam degree wheels which are black anodized and degreed on both sides.

  • Steel crank hub adapter and razor blade ultra-accurate cam degree wheel pointer kit.

  • #4 through #20 CNC machined hard anodized aluminum “AN” fitting wrenches.