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Jomar "Power Cone"
NEW! Jomar Performance Professional Filter
Hi-Flow Filtration System - 100% NO Bypass  

Introducing the latest addition to our Family of High Performance Auto Parts; Professional Filter Hi-Flow Oil Filtration System for Competition and Off-Road Use.

  • Our filter is a 100 % NO BYPASS which helps protect your engine from debris resulting from component failure!

  • Our Professional Filter currently fits most FORD and Mopar Engines

  • Our Jomar Professional Filter provides minimum flow restrictions which then allows greater oil flow.

  • The Jomar Professional Filter Provides maximum oil filtration performance.

  • Jomar Professional Filters have an extra thick housing for higher burst strength (600 psi)

  • Talk to your engine builder or give us a call for a recommendations!

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    Jomar Pro-Filter Hi-Flow Filtration Oil Filters

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