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Jomar "Power Cone"

Introducing our latest innovation in Phenolic Carburetor spacers; The Jomar Power ConeTM. The advanced phenolic laminate transfers approximately ten times less heat to the carburetor resulting in cooler denser fuel/air mixtures.

  • Dyno-proven over 40hp gain on a 383 CID SBC! (15hp better than a 1” open spacer).

  • Meets or exceeds results obtained with brands X, Y, and Z in direct Dyno and dragstrip comparisons.

  • Scientifically Designed for maximum undisturbed air flow creating a more even fuel distribution.

  • The proven unsurpassed insulating properties of Phenolic.

  • More Horsepower per dollar spent than virtually any other modification!

  • Talk to your engine builder or give us a call for a recommendation!

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