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AN fittings are strong leak-free hose connectors which are most commonly used on street rods, race cars, race boats, and machinery. Also very popular in the military. AN Fittings typically replace hose clamps and stock barbed fittings. AN Fittings are low pressure fittings that can easily handle 500 psi. They are not suitable for hydraulic lines, brake lines or power steering hoses. Also NOT for use with N2O.

AN Fittings have a 37 degree female mating surface that connects to a male AN fitting of the same size. They must be used with the approriately sized AN hose, which is generally of the stainless steel braided variety. AN fittings are available in a variety of sizes.

AN Fitting sizes are described in - (dash) sizes. Each dash represents 1/16" and approximately represents the OD of the hard tube it replaces. So, for example, a -8 fitting is designed to be used with a 1/2" OD hose.

Application Hose Size Recommendation:

Fuel lines: -6 (most common) or -8 (dual carbs)
Fuel cell line: -10 or -12
Vacuum lines: -4 or -6
Transmission/oil cooler lines: -6 or -8

This image shows "AN" Fittings used on a street rod engine. This Mechanic is using one of Jomar's Professionally CNC Machined
Aluminum "AN" Fitting Wrenches

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